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ASPIRE Online Courses are the new kid on the block in the exciting world of online education. We want to offer modern courses to aspiring writers that educate, encourage and inspire. We want our courses to be affordable and accessible. Most of all, we want our students to break all the barriers and realise their dreams, not just to be an author, but a good author.

With the onslaught of self-published titles flooding the e-book market, the foundations of good writing are all but forgotten. You cannot cut someone open and call yourself a surgeon. Likewise, the craft of writing must be learned, practiced and refined if we are to seek the path of the professional.

ASPIRE Online Courses want to give all aspiring writers the chance to learn the trade. We're looking for talented course material writers to provide the best material and help us take our students all the way!

Course Material

We are currently seeking published authors to assist with writing course material for:

Course material will consist of four modules at approximately ten pages per module. Module subjects will be determined by both the course material writer and the ASPIRE team.


To apply, you must meet the following minimum guidelines:

*If you don't qualify to be a course material writer, you may still qualify to be a tutor. Click here for the Course Tutor Expression of Interest form.


Payment will be based on experience and course word length. Payment will be in the form of a flat fee OR a reduced fee and royalties based on enrolment numbers.

ASPIRE Online Courses will purchase exclusive copyright of all course material works for five years, with the first option to repurchase copyright.

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